Trojans Practice How To Punish

My idea of an outing with the kids is to jump in the car, drive downtown in 95¬∞ weather, eat dim sum in Chinatown, browse through Alex Cheung’s cool Chinese antiques, observe the “renaissance” of hip urban stores like Realm, Ooga Booga, and Flock Shop in the Chinatown plaza where the Hong Kong Caf√© used to be….then go watch the USC football team practice.Broki-%26-Dardee-at-SC.jpg
I am absolutely certain Bernie Mac would approve.
That’s right. Watch the #1 team in every preseason ranking put on shoulder pads, cleats and shorts and rough each other up – gently but firmly – for three hours. Yes it was hot. We probably burnt the backs of our legs. We did get hollered at by a coach for taking photos and even 2 videos (page bottom) which are all posted here for your delight. We mean no harm to the team and Idaho will learn nothing from our fan-shots. Not that it would make any difference. We love USC football…almost as much as we love USC basketball. But that season does not get underway until December.
How does our team look? BLPN great. Practice is efficient with 10 and 15 minute drills and lots of movement from the side to the main field. Offense in red. D in white. Here is how the conversation went while absorbing the meaning of it all…
Quarterbacks: Who is #16? Mike McDonald. Hey he throws a nice ball. Yeh. Who is #15? Aaron Corps. Freshman. He throws a nice ball. I know. Here comes McDonald again. No that is Mitch Mustain. He also wears #16. He throws a nice ball. Yeh he does. JD looks ready. See how Sanchez thumb is wrapped? CONCLUSION? USC QBs win Heisman 3 out of next 5 years.
Running Backs: Who is #39? That’s Broderick Green a freshman. Tall. Big. Who is #22? Who is #13? There’s Chauncey. There’s Stafon Johnson. Where is Moody? At least Joe McKnight can field a punt (no runbacks this day). CONCLUSION? Somebody got to go. Report next day announced Moody would transfer.
Punters and kickers: Two long snappers. One rifles the ball back. The other gets it there. Two punters. One bombs it 60 and 70 yards. The other boots it 40 to 50 consistently. The onside kick was skillfully executed. CONCLUSION? Kicking game is solid.
Linebackers: If defense wins titles then it is all over. How many shutouts is the question that comes to mind. I know it sounds pretentious but you should see the first and second defensive teams. The first team features (from left to right) Cushing, MaualugaRay-Maualuga.jpg, and Rivers. This crew could start for a pro team. Think (in the same order) Seau, Butkus, and LT. Rivers had the hit of the day. He barely threw a forearm into Ronald Johnson and he hit the ground with a pop. The crowd let out a groan on Johnson’s behalf. For Rivers it looked like a routine notification, like the sign you hang on your door when you want to the maid to clean up the room. CONCLUSION? Big, fast, hit very hard.
D-backs: Killers. I wanted to see Taylor Mays, Josh Pinckard or especially Will Harris deliver a hit. Instead I saw Fred Davis catch one over the middle about 20 yards downfield and shed Will Harris like he was light rain. Harris did strip the ball and Davis had to run a lap…very casually. It was hot. And Kevin Thomas took his picture with PeeWee.Kevin-Thomas-%26-PeeWee.jpg Thanks Kevin. Run back 5 picks for TDs!
O line is big and D line is bigger. We had lots of fun and share our pics for your enjoyment.
I will try not to post another Trojan entry for a few months now that I have scratched that itch.
Lay the points against Idaho. This is what it is all about!! National football title #11 on the way!!
Here is the video of McDonald going long to Johnson!!!

McDonald lays one out to Bradford in the flat.


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    Dionysus says:

    Hmmmm. Whatever happened to the local team made up of local players who come from and return to the local economy? Molly Pitcher-not-Hatchet (revolutionary war heroine pictured at the top-right of this page) fought against hired guns in the revolutionary war. They were called Hessians, and our rag-tag patriots won against the professionals. Is the USC football team our modern day Hessians?
    Speaking of USC, let us not forget their brave but wholly under appreciated track and field stars. I had the pleasure of providing acu-treatments to a few T&F team members and a coach of said program. I was stunned by the inequity of real estate devoted to the football program v. T&F.
    That’s okay. I admit that football is more interesting to watch than T&F as a rule, but I might have to remind you, Bacchus, that Santa Monica remains a UCLA town, buster.

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    bacchus says:

    The flames of passion are ready to burn once again with the arrival of college football. Bruins play basketball and Trojans play football. SM may be powder blue and gold but the city and soon the nation will be awash in cardinal and gold! On Booty! On Carroll! Bacchus has his hearty malbecs and muscular viogniers ready for a perfect season (and I do mean 12-0). The Hessians are coming.

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