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Winter in Piemonte: the Krisses Visit Mascarello

La Morra Feb 2013

La Morra Feb 2013

Ah, Italia! Land of the Tuscan sun, golden Mediterranean coasts, and…snow-covered fields? Yes, to those of you more familiar with an Italy of sun-baked hilltop towns or, less romantically, the oppressive summer heat of cities like Rome or Venice, it may seem odd to picture the country under a blanket of snow. But please suspend your disbelief for a moment and imagine Italy in the middle of February: the north-facing slopes of Piemonte are white, the wind is cold, and slush rains down periodically. Maybe not everyone’s idea of Paradise, but it is certainly perfect weather for tasting wine! (more…)

Seasonal Spirit(s) Finally Arrive

U thought hanging lights on the house was hard

U thought hanging lights on the house was hard

Being Scrooge-like is fun a for awhile. With so many tasters [ed. he means Dotore & IGTY] taking it over the top, a backlash stance seems inevitable. We were at risk of going over the humbug cliff! With encouragement and cooperation from both sides of the cama Christmas Day can once again be the day for pals and family, eating tamales and ham and busting corks. (more…)

BEST of Camarillo and 3 Old Friends

What the heck is going on in Camarillo? When we attend a wine festival, especially in Camarillo, we expect to taste and munch and meet and greet. We are not supposed to discover wines and new labels. The 2012 Taste of Camarillo provided the right concoction of need-sonar-to-find-em wineries [ed. now THAT is under-the-radar], go-for-it winemaking spirit, and excellent food to see something vinous is happening in the breadbasket of SoCal. (more…)

Turkey Day Preview: How to Taste Wine

Hopefully you will be able to read this in time for the big meal Thursday. We are going to reveal the secrets of tasting wine so you can be the brain bully and sound like a real snob. You know casual like but intelligent. It’s easy if you stick to these few pointers. Don’t get too excited.

please exercise moderation

You won’t be like a “somm” but you will take on the trappings of a pretty dope snob. Like tBow and Dotoré. Even IGTY practices these techniques and now he’s a snob too. (more…)