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2014 Kicks Off with New Winners

new Rose Bowl winners

new Rose Bowl winners

The Michigan State Spartans came to Pasadena and stuck it to the Stanford Cardinal. The substitute middle linebacker playing in place of the team captain resting in the dog house made the play of the game (above). Let me be Frank. Shirley there is a wine story here. (more…)

Wine Tasting Goes Biblical Hollywood-style

inheritwindFor some people wine is biblical, Old Testament, a holy gift from the earth. Hell dang tarnation. For some folks wine is a sacrament. For others… say heathen evolutionists, wine is folly, hedonistic, elixir of dadevilhisself. Disagreements of biblical proportions are old as sin. Clarence Darrow and William Jennings Bryan faced off in a small town Tennessee courthouse what seems like a century ago in the so-called Monkey Trial. (more…)

New Year Cellar Purge: Bonnarda & Sparkling Gewurtz!?!

Rinaldi_barrels-2000-2WEBOne thing we like to do over the holidays is Cellar Cleaning. We pulled some wines that had been on the shelf long enough to finally come off the shelf. Since we delay keeping notes until after we pull the corks we really are not sure when and where we acquired the wines. Most of the time we know we expect to be pleased so that is enough prep to get things started. So let’s get started. It’s a New Year and a whole new b’ak/tun. (more…)

Turkey Day Extravaganza!

bird1.jpgThanksgiving is an extravaganza to be indulged at every age. The day is all about indulgence in your favorite activities. AMC has all the Godfather movies. There are college hoops, college football and the pros. A buncha abundanza. Many folks will make some effort to re-enact or recognize the “first” Thanksgiving. There will be plenty of political talk at the table. Some adult may look at everyone and suggest everyone say what are they thankful for today. Should that happen here is how tBoW will reply [ed. it did, he did]. (more…)

Argentina wines in LA (not!! yet…)

You know how it is. You spend a couple weeks in Argentina including a week just in Mendoza staring at the Andes [ed. the view from Vistalba] and tasting wines and you find stuff you really like. You have to decide “do I haul some back or have some shipped?” If you want to ship a case from Argentina via DHL it will set you back $240/case. So add $20/bottle to your U20 winners. Or you can join The Vines of Medoza wine club Acequia. The Vines has much of what you like on their impressive list and they ship for a lot less ( I mean a LOT LESS) than DHL.
[ed. alert: The Wall Street Journal published an article March 29 2008 on The Vines vineyard business.] (more…)