Today June 2 2017 marks the resurrection of tBoW. I shuttered the blog in October 2014. Needed a break…from blogging not wine. This is still a blog about experience as a window to wine. This is a place for guests to post their own ideas about wine. Just email me with your content. You will read about music, golf, healthcare, politics, media or anything else we feel like describing and/or weighing in on through the lens of wine. Have at it!

We enjoy wine, however, we still observe a high degree poof and pomp that surrounds the subject. We eschew rating systems based on 100 points. Here is the post where we weigh in on 100 point rating systems. In the past we developed our own system based on mice; an homage to our favorite reviewer. You can find delightful posts by Maus in the pre-2014 era.

Please, sit down. Wine?

Our battle cry remains No Wines Over $20!! And we mean it… BUT… many wines we prefer TODAY cost between $20 and $30. We once believed in aging wines. No more. Buy a bottle that can be opened in the next 30 days! You can search the posts to find useful commentary about older wines.

This blog was started in 2008 when we believed the imminent demise of the “wine lifestyle” which included ridiculously overpriced collector wines was upon us. We knew we could find the deals then and we are still finding them today. There are “discoveries” every week.

Please post your comments frequently reflecting your outrage and/or support. And your inquiries. If nothing else we hope to fill your minds with tales of wine, the wine industry, winemakers, wine regions which you should visit, and college hoops.

besitos y abrazos… salud, dinero y el tiempo para gozarlos!

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    Dionysus says:

    The tBow decreee of “No Wine Over $20, dammit” was more prophetic than we expected. See what the Great Recession is doing to wine sales at NPR’s Marketplace.